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It’s been a while!

I’m so glad to be revisiting this space after about seven years.. wow. While my perspectives have evolved significantly, I seem to agree with what I have blogged so far. I’d have probably stated things differently but that’s just language 🙂

I’ve started to wonder about language and its efficacy, as I read scripts, listen to songs and artists, as I try to state my intent or even as I strive to listen better and be a better communicator. This includes personal life, work, people I meet directly, those I interact with digitally and those that have influenced me directly or indirectly, past included.

To be a master, I think one has to navigate all these realms elegantly..

  • There’s the language written or told, with words, terms and labels. These may be limited by time and context.
  • Then there’s expressions, spoken and unspoken, loud and subtle, depends on how  people emote.
  • Finally, there’s the feelings, expressed and unexpressed, the core of human behavior that can only be understood, if you truly care to know.

What do you think time, culture and norms can do to all of these?

Posted by: amirtha | July 15, 2010

A Passing Thought

Hope all is well with you readers!

I’m back with a thought that struck me a couple of times.. an answer to what we/i do everyday?

I want an easy life.. so I work hard for it!

All rights reserved 🙂

Posted by: amirtha | June 28, 2010

Life – a Paradox

When you are a teenager, you have time and energy but no money

When you are a working young man, you have money and energy but no time

When you are old, you have time and money but no energy!

haa…haaa that’s the irony of life 🙂  BTW, this is a quote from a fable.

Posted by: amirtha | April 22, 2010

Is it in the Sun Tzu’s?

Our eyes, ears and all senses awaken when put into a new environment. A picture of a cautious mouse peeping out of a hole, popping it’s eyeballs crosses my mind. Doesn’t that look humane? At such times, we become quite wary, evaluating every action of ours and that of every person that we see 🙂

But humans are different! As Emerson puts it “What you do is so loud that I can’t hear what you say”. There are gestures that give out the true intentions of people. Psychological signals?! Conversely, we give out as much as we read in others ;)The best can spell out what they actually want to and all their psyches shout out the same thing! There’s no discordance whatsoever amongst the faculties that expose them. And then they read out as much from others.

Did the Art of War tell there are ‘Signals everywhere’? In both war and love, this is one rule to follow.

Posted by: amirtha | February 25, 2010

Let’s Start Now

This is in a RAW form, peppy nevertheless.

The longer you wait to take action, the “heavier” things tend to get on the list. But when we sit our butts down, and just start, just take that first bite and sit back to chew and swallow, that the whole plate gets eaten pretty fast.

And we wonder why we wasted all this time, being hungry. When we could’ve just sat down and feasted. So if you have been waiting to start, the time is NOW!

Thanks to whoever said this!

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On a positive note..

Listened to this one after a long time…

You can be mother
When you are a man,
Open up…
You know that you can…
(the Nescafe Song)

It, for sure has a point worth pondering!

Posted by: amirtha | February 3, 2010

Sustain – Ability

Is this some watchword you should know?

Sustainability is often viewed as a CSR [”Corporate Social Responsibility’] activity, which I contend need not be (agree this is not an outrageous finding ;)). CSR is about giving back to the society where an organization can contribute a share of its wealth for a cause, involve its people in social initiatives, etc., and these would improve the image of the organization in public’s eye. A CSR activity may not bring in a tangible benefit, but it gives a great degree of satisfaction to the participant.

Whereas Sustainability is simply the potential of an organization, person, thing or whatever to sustain beyond ‘what?’.. the first smart brilliant idea that created your identity ‘U’ – from success to success, from failure to crisis to success and on and on. It’s organic! Reminds me of ‘Built to Last’ 😉 and ‘Survival of the Fittest’ 🙂 ‘Continuity’ is a simpler word.

In order to sustain, one should innovate, think ahead, build efficiency and keep one’s eyes wide open. One of the best ways to do this is to assess the impact of every action on the society and make every action/relation mutually beneficial.. a win-win. For example, when I buy a car, I should try not to add to the pollution.. this is irreparable damage and I would pay for it in some way. In a Business World article, Indira Nooyi mentions this in a nice way – Lays chips manufacture requires agriculture produce in large-scale.. that’s the raw material. PepsiCo helps farmers by improving yield and income. Being good has its benefits 🙂 and there’s the connect!

By being efficient, by making lives better and by being Good you too can add to your bit of  ‘Sustain- ablity’.. can’t you?

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Green Message

Behind every electric Reva car is a message.. “Your Kids will thank me!” Nice 🙂

Eco friendly cars and scooters are more than a fad these days. I can buy courage from such vehicle owners to leave behind few comforts for a good cause.
Besides, car pooling is another interesting concept that’s catching up.

Time to Ec(h)o!

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I sipped a cup of Tea that seemed like never before

Was it the taste, was it the place that made it a specialiTea?

Enjoying every sip of hot Tea at my granny’s place in Kerala.. quite tasTea!

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God made us.. but You make Gods

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